See it feelingly
more than tricks
FULL NAME: Sunny Utena Noonchi Nuri Yu
D.O.B: April 3rd 2001
LIVES: Manhattan, NY, NY
STUDYING: Interior design at Juniper/Pratt University
PETS: Pastrami the french bulldog
Favorite food: WATERMELON GUMMIES!, any kind of gummy really, mochi, dango, tteok/tteokboki, wagyu beef, matzo balls, gnocchi, ravioli, arepas, steamed buns, nougat, fudge, dulce de leche, sticky pudding, chinese style chicken, ribs, golfeados, etc.
Favorite TV: Elementary, How to Get Away with Murder, Japanese and Korean dramas (with Takuya + siblings), Unsolved, Legacies (with Hugo), Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Shinjuku Boys, Castle Rock, Stranger Things, The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Tomboy.
Favorite Music: Random girl groups, Kylie Minogue, Conan Gray, Troye Sivan, Dorian Electra, Stromae, Rei Ami, Tinashe, Mirei, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Isaac Bundar, Salt N Pepa, OutKast, En Vogue, TLC.
Dislikes: Sudden loud noises (especially dogs), not getting enough sleep, unclean spaces, bitter food, surprise hip touches, overly synthetic fabrics, being cold, anyone eating in bed, lies, scary movies.
Misc: Eyes range from golden to blue, nine-tail cross fox, eldest child of the litter of children, speaks Korean and Japanese, has a ta tau marked onto his chest - gained from saving Tama during the war against Nix.

The beginnings

  • Eldest of the litter, born female and was the only child until the tail end of summer when Takuya had Roman.
  • It was evident from early on in his childhood that Sunny wasn't comfortable in himself. He would lash out with tantrums and feel intense discomfort that were difficult to define early on.
  • Once Sunny knew more words and had clearer thoughts, Takuya and Heedo were able to confirm what they had suspected. Sunny wasn't female at all. Sunny started going to therapy - both because of their gender identity and a temper that proved harder to keep in check than any other.
  • Presenting male as a child was easy, there wasn't much he had to shift and there wasn't all that much to think about when he was little. His "moods" were of a bigger concern, and how sometimes the world seemed to be on fire and the fire seemed to want to swallow him up and there was little to be done about it.
  • Working on the way his feelings seemed to run away from him proved to be much harder than working on telling the fire apart from the world. Through training and help, Sunny was able to understand his power better - the ability to control the spirits born of passions throughout the world had always been there and weilded dangerously at times, but now Sunny could tell the world apart from the fire, and able to speak to it, calm it if it roared too loud or feel empowered by the flames of it.
  • Despite the obvious problems, Sunny had a blessed childhood. His brothers loved him like no other and never treated him any differently or like anything else than anotehr one of the boys. Both of his parents were always fiercly protective and cared in their own, specific ways. Takuya with his ardent support and surprising tenderness, Herbert with his stories and endless ability to spoil. They all fell together, a happy family that got through Sunny through every worst moment in his life.
  • Growth by fire

  • Balance was never going to be an easy thing in Sunny's life. That was proven when he started to near 13 and woke up one morning, no longer a boy and unable to turn into one. Sunny barely remembers anything about his first few periods, a blur of hell he wasn't sure he would come back from.
  • Sunny would refuse to go to school as a girl, which his parents understood, and so a tradition was started. For three to four days of the month, Sunny would stay at home with Herbert and be his "assistant". Herbert had set up a smaller version of his desk for Sunny at his office, with a bowl of candy just like his own, and Sunny would do his school work. Sometimes though, Herbert would let Sunny sit on his lap or right next to him, and they'd work on his stories together.
  • It was unavoidable that children called Sunny all sorts of things. In a school in New York, 'reset' wasn't really heard but things like 'Faulty Sunny' 'Nutty Sunny' and growing rumors of mental asylums were common from kids whose parents weren't big fans of his own. This resulted in the near expulsion of all his siblings and himself on more than one ocassion - as well as a bad day turned worse for Sunny.
  • Things didn't get easier the older he got. When he was old enough, Sunny learnt that Takuya had been fighting with the fox council for years to allow him to fully turn into male, no longer cursed with periods and the unwilling shift of his body. They refused. Why would a bassara care about such a thing? And so, his heats began down the line, trapped in a body that felt nothing like their own.
  • Sunny refused to be defined by the multitude of hauntings that existed beyond his control. They were simply things he had left to conquer. It wasn't that easy and clear at times, but the love in his life always felt stronger in the end than anything that tried to deny and define him.
  • Clumsy attempts at focusing on passion lead Sunny to date many men, starting out nice and then going through everything but that. Sunny could easily get swept away though, in these bright lights and seeming nooks of acceptance and adoration. In the heightened emotions that spun out from each of those tales. They were lessons, hard ones to learn that he was still working on learning.
  • Turning points

  • It was no surprise that he and his brothers would follow their parents footsteps - heroes. They had all talked about it since young, what they would be named, their costumes, the kinds of people they'd save. Sunny delighted in the passion of it all. It was no surprise they ended up on the battlefield, a little younger than they should've but no one could've kept them away.
  • The reality of war was something Sunny had been prepared for his whole life in small and big ways. The overwhelm stopped many of his siblings in their tracks - the first time they truly had to have another side of themself fully take over. But Sunny had been in battle before, many times over. He managed to not be swept away into the sea of fire, but stay grounded enough to be of help.
  • Sunny didn't hesitate the moment he saw Tama collapse, struck by an intent to kill so dark and potent the flame burnt blank white before his eyes. He was there, instantly, hand to her heart that still glowed with the embers of one of the most beautiful spirits Sunny had ever seen. He didn't think as he brought the flickers up to his lips and swallowed, letting her wash through him warm and take over.
  • After the battle, Sunny was no longer Sunny but still also himself. His body and spirit shifted, half him, half Tama. Throuhg all the tears and all the thanks, one question remained - what next? It was Tama who had the answer, Tama who knew him better than most ever could - he would go to Xor Iinek as they repaired her body, and they would help him completely own his turn.
  • His time in Xor Iinek could be summarized in a single sentiment: acceptance and ownership. Beyond hailing Sunny as a hero, they regarded him as everything he had ever wanted to be seen as. Upon arrival, a ceremony was had where they awarded him a tatau embedded over his heart and capable of growing outward while using vast levels of power especially when fracturing the human facade to expose more of his astral-bassara truths.
  • While there, he studied different subjects that could allow him to come to terms with himself through his interests. Therapeutic aesthetic fusions and cosmetic astrological ecodesign helped bridge an internal rearragement before reflecting the improvements and comforts outside. He took a number of dance classes that helped him become one with his body, more himself than Tama in those moments. There was a reason he is the way he is, and the reason could always be joy.